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Subject : Help with Shalom Bayit 
Pray For : Masha Ryna daughter of Rivkah Chanah 
Prayer Type : Marriage 
Comments : Please pray for my marriage. My husband and I are going through a tough time, and I know so much of our problems lie with me. Please pray for us to find peace and for me to find the strength to make the changes I need to make to be a healthy, loving, and giving wife. 
Post Date : 7/13/2012 5:29:00 PM 
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Shalom Bayit#1 posted 7/17/2012 6:18:00 PM
Marci, you already know what you must do to save your marriage. Ultimately you must decide: Are you willing to delay your own immediate gratifications and fight (even if that means fighting your own urges)to put your marriage, the partnership that HaShem planned for you, ahead of your personal desires for a while? May G-d give you the strength and wisdom you need to become a woman of valor and a blessing to your family. It will take work, but isn't your relationship and the potential it holds worth it?
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