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Subject : Prayers for a baby 
Pray For : Shana daughter of Linda daughter of Linda 
Prayer Type : Children 
Comments : I was blessed with a son 9 years ago and would love the blessing again.  
Post Date : 2/5/2013 8:05:00 PM 
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Chaya Green
Finding New Friends After A Move#1 posted 6/16/2013 1:30:00 AM
Hi, I recently moved from Texas where I had a wonderful support system to Oklahoma whether my sons are now living. Although my boys and I don't always get along I made the move to be closer to them if I have another health scare. Where I'm now living does not have a Jewish presence in town and I don't like driving at night. I'm asking for prayers that he would allow me some insight where I will be able to meet others.
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