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Name :  
Subject : sickness 
Pray For : shoshana daughter of corry 
Prayer Type : Health 
Comments : my sister Anne and my brother Josef are being operated this Thursday both are very sick please pray for there recovering and healing  
Post Date : 3/11/2014 11:38:00 AM 
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ilone fuld
illeness#1 posted 3/25/2014 8:01:00 PM
thank you for your prayers for my sister and brother they both are doing better and on the way of recovering may hashem bless you
Malka Gold-Vukson
Operations#2 posted 3/24/2014 11:02:00 AM
I hope that Anne and Josef are on the mend and that Hashem will bless them both with full recovery. May Hashem continue to allow Ilone to be a source of support and strength to her family.
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