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  Welcome to the Gothenberg Chabad House (Chabadhuset) for Shabbat meals on Friday night & Shabbat day in a warm family environment, located close to the Botanical Gardens.  Please call  Rabbi Alexander at 46 (0) 707 711 770 or Leah at 46 (0) 31 413333 for times. Accomodations for Shabbat are usually available at the Chabad House. Don't hesitate to call!

Shabbat morning shul is in the Chabad House at 10:00 am

Friday night and Shabbat afternoon Mincha is at Chabadhuset, with times changing according to the sunset (please contact us for more info on times).

If you prefer to stay in a hotel:

Hotell Aston Villa

Askimsgatan 10

41319 Göteborg

Tel: 031-414140

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